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One of the most beautiful on the Cadiz coast

The Costa Ballena residential complex is located in the town of Rota in Cadiz.

With a 27-hole golf course spanning the entire complex, it is one of the most exclusive residential areas on the Cadiz coastline.

Its beach is one of Cadiz's most beautiful, famous for its size, crystal-clear waters and white sand, while also equipped with the best facilities, like a lifeguard tower, showers and bathrooms.

The Legend

Legend has it that a long time ago, back when animals could speak with humans, that after swimming the seven seas that made up the world, on one April morning off the coast of Cadiz, a powerful whale breached.

A majestic whale that had devoted its life to searching for the place where seasons were mild, a paradise where humanity lived in sunshine and peace, with golden beaches, crystal clear rivers and fertile, rolling plains.

Knowing that he had finally found his sanctuary, the tired old whale prepared itself to die on the pristine sand of this very sought-after beach and to watch the most beautiful of sunsets.

Since then, according to legend, this place has been known as Costa Ballena, the "Whale Coast".


Like in many other countries throughout the world, the Spanish coastline has an abundance of housing and tourism developments. All of them tout their virtues and promote themselves as attractive places where life is beautiful.

However, very few can actually exceed and satisfy the very real, demanding expectations of the most advanced human communities. Costa Ballena is one such place.

Many others boast such attractions as the sun, the climate, hotels and outdoor sports, but very few can offer so many in such balanced harmony, all within a single habitable space.